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Project Restoration :

Serving the local community through programs geared toward their spiritual, social and economic development: restoration, counselling, empowering, tutoring, life skills, group support, distribution of food and clothing. The Bible says, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction” James 1:27. 

The Bible also says that he that helps the poor lends unto the Lord. God wants the church to take care of the poor and needy and visit with them in their affliction. 

All over India, Gilgal Mission Trust is making a great and effective changes for hundreds of children in the slums and villages and also in the lives of women and girls in the rural and urban sectors. Through many Sewing Schools, women and young girls are empowered and equipped for life. The Health Work Project is making an impact on the lives of many poor people who could not afford to pay heavy medical expenses in hospitals. The Poor Feeding Program and the Drinking Water Project help the downtrodden in many useful ways.

Slum School going Children Project:

Thousands of people in Indian Villages and Metros are living in unbelievable conditions of life. Our desire is to bring them out into the main streams of the National life and to help them to live with honour and diginity. Our vision is to reach thousands of slum dwellers with the life changing message of our Lord.

Health Awareness Program:

We have been visiting Slums, Tribals and assisted and hundreds of medicine packets are being distributed to the slum dwellers. We have a team of 10 volunteer health workers who are visiting from house to house in the slum areas and are helping to provide basic health care facilities. They also are helping to promote general awareness of health and hygiene in the slums and tribal. We have seen very encouraging results due to this program.

Orphanage Project:

We are currently visiting orphanages helping several orphan children by providing them as food, clothing and education. House parents who love and take care of these children live with these kids and provide them with the love and security that they need to live and grow up and have a dignified life. It is our vision to start orphanages so that we could extend our helping hand to bless the countless children who are orphans and have no one to take care of them.

Sewing School Project:

The Sewing Schools were started with the aim of helping the poor widows as well as single girls by providing them with a means of getting an income in life. We teach them the art of sewing clothes and provide them with free tailoring machines that they can take it and use it to earn a livelihood.

Poor Feeding Project:

Hunger is India’s greatest issue with more populated people groups who goes hungry every day. Feeding-The-Poor project is another way we extend our care and support to those who are not able to provide for themselves. In fact we have supplied food to several thousands of people in Tamil Nadu. “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Matt.20:28, NLT)

Hand Pump Project:

We have gone to several villages and have freely setup hand pumps so that the people there could get clean drinking water. We want to provide as many villages as we can with clean drinking water for the welfare of the people.

It was clear, however, that the village had no water. The women and girls had to walk considerable distances to get it, returning with heavy water containers on their heads or at their side. After talking with the villagers it was decided that GILGAL MISSION would investigate the possibilities of a bore well and hand pump and that GMT- water project would finance their installation. The well and the pump were installed and very much in use. It is amazing how many people’s lives can be impacted by relatively small sums.

Peace and Justice Project:

The project focuses on peace building and social harmony through community development programs among six tribal and rural villages in Coimbatore District. The past six years of involvement in five targeted rural and tribal villages helped to establish a good rapport with the villagers, understood their living environment, their socio-political and cultural situation, and the issues that were hindering their harmony and development, especially among the children.

GMT has developed Peace Promoters Teams (PPT’s) of five members in five villages where it addressed basic issues like health, development, peace and harmony, skill training for SHGs based on set criteria, etc. General awareness among the five villages on the need for sanitation, tuition for school going children, and tapping Government resources for their development has been promoted. The PPTs in all five villages have been well identified, accepted and recognized as leaders to address their local issues within their capacity.

Construction of toilets in the rural villages (Sanitation):

Sanitation is one of the absolute basic necessities for human beings to lead a healthy and disciplined life. But it is found out that the basic way of spreading diseases is through open defecation. It is not only unhygienic but leads to 188,000 diarrhoeal deaths in children. Apart from that plenty of human beings had been lost their lives when they go for open defecation in the nights by means of insect bites. Even children’s too become prey for plenty of issues linked with open defecation.

Keeping in line with the government’s agenda of SWACHH BHARAT to restore basic hygiene to one and all, Gilgal Mission Trust working hardly to implement this program and provide a hygienic environment to the people, paving a way to stop the spread of various diseases and ensuring basic health for all through various awareness programs.

Get Involved

  • Prayer
  • Offering your valuable advises and comments.
  • Visiting the churches and encouraging the congregation.
  • Offering your valuable services in any form.
  • Sponsor for a missionary $50 month.
  • Donating any amount on a monthly basis for the community development projects.
  • Donating to building fund. You can sponsor a church/ community hall for Rs.100000/- or a block; and that room/block will be known in the name of the sponsor.
  • Engage in planned prayer for new churches.
  • Plan a mission trip to help a new church.

All money received will be properly accounted for and audited statement of accounts will be published in our newsletters. May this Mission be a blessing to many deserving souls. Let us join our hands together to uplift this ministry for the Glory of God. May the Lord Almighty help and bless all of us.


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