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We the people of Gilgal Mission Church do hereby accept as a privilege our duty to fulfil the kingdom mandates set forth in the Holy Scripture throughout the meteoric order of Acts 1:8;

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Greeting in the precious name of Jesus Christ!

We are so thankful that you decided to visit our ministry. We value your visits, thoughts, and input and we would welcome you and yours to visit with us in person. Hopefully, you will see us as a place to bring your family and to become partners and participants in this ministry. 

Gilgal Mission Trust (GMT) & Churches of India is a movement consisting of many churches in different parts of India. It is a vibrant group of people from varied backgrounds. Young and old join together to study the Word of God and to reach out to their community with the love of God. This enthusiastic family wants to help you realize your potential for life, love, success and happiness with God.

Take a closer look! We pray you will be richly and tremendously blessed as you explore our ministry further. We trust that you will find yourself saying, yes, Gilgal Mission trust – that’s a Mission where I can stand to be blessed and blessed abundantly!


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  • Prayer
  • Offering your valuable advises and comments.
  • Visiting the churches and encouraging the congregation.
  • Offering your valuable services in any form.
  • Sponsor for a missionary  $50 month.
  • Donating any amount on a monthly basis for the community development projects.
  • Donating to building fund. You can sponsor a church/ community hall for Rs.100000/- or a block; and that room/block will be known in the name of the sponsor.
  • Engage in planned prayer for new churches.
  • Plan a mission trip to help a New Church.


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