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Across the nation, regular preaching of GOD'S word, praying for the needy people and assisting the weaker sections of society are taking place in the Churches. The Word of GOD is very important for every aspect of human life. JESUS said Thy words are Spirit and Life. If GOD'S Word enters into the heart of any human being, it will bring about a great change.

We the people of Gilgal Mission Church do hereby accept as a privilege our duty to fulfil the kingdom mandates set forth in the Holy Scripture throughout the meteoric order of Acts 1:8;

Therefore we will be vibrant in worship. We will be active in spiritual warfare. We will be doers as well as hearers of the Word. We will be relentless in witnessing. We will gladly do so in our local church, our Jerusalem; in our state, our Judea; in our country, our Samaria and in the uttermost parts of the earth.

We commit ourselves to each other in the love of Christ. We commit ourselves to pray without ceasing, to praise endlessly and to preach the Word without fear or favour of man. We will evangelize the lost, educate the saints and edify the body.

Gilgal Mission Ministry department is involved in five-fold ministry of the Bible to equip Leaders  through mentoring. In that order we march with divine strength and determination to advance the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ giving no place to the evil.


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