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The vision of the Women’s Ministry is to help each woman grow in her passion for God as she learns, through prayer & study of His Word, the depth of His love and Holiness, His power and total sufficiency to meet her every need. Our vision is to encourage each woman to be a support to her family and the Body of Christ, and to become a woman of prayer and a woman that continually abides in Christ and bears much fruit.

We pray that each woman will be open to instruction and guidance to stand steadfast in her faith through real-life situations. As a godly role model, we pray that she will be confident in the future, placing her trust in the One and Only God Who Sees. We pray that she will be content in who she is as a woman, and will become secure in her home and her church, passing on her godly traits to those who are younger, following behind her. (Titus 2:3-5)

The strongest point in the Gilgal Mission Churches is the empowerment of the women folk. Women play a vital role in the building up of any society, ethnic group or nation. Hence, Gilgal Mission Churches has a special task of organizing Women's Conferences all across this nation to cater to the needs of women.


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