Welcome to GILGAL Mission Trust

Gilgal Mission Trust is a secular, nonprofit and registered organization engaged to serve the nation. GMT commitments to contribute to the wholistic growth of the weaker sections and downtrodden thus they would become full citizens of India. Gilgal Mission Trust was established by Rev. Paul Phinehas officially in 2010 to serve the people. The Trust has its registered office at NO. 68, GTV LAYOUT, Ramasamy nagar, Udumalpet, Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu, India. The administrative office is at NO.1 Sundaram Layout, Nethaji Road, Pollachi Coimbatore District, and Tamilnadu, India.

Gilgal Mission Trust primarily works for the development of poor and marginalized children and adolescent boys and girls, and the empowerment of rural women. GMT supports them in their education and vocational skills training. This is fulfilled through the vision of our president Paul Phinehas who wants every village to be a role model for every person to be self-sufficient, eliminate illiteracy, eliminate castiesm and build a society with peace and harmony.

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